But You Only Have A Few Days Left To See This Version.

I don't know when the last time I was this excited.

A Hollywood production company is interested in our footage. They have seen the film. They have seen our up-close, in person take down of the tea party. They have seen what no one else in the media has done -- a street level, one on one look at the flesh and blood people who make up the tea party movement.

  • They saw my take down of recently disgraced Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll.
  • They saw me force tea partiers to admit that New Deal liberalism was a success.
  • They saw a tea partier walk off the set when I showed him concrete economic data PROVING tea party economics doesn't work.

They also saw the parade of kooks and cranks we met while filming.

  • Like the old guy who said Acorn was the next Gestapo.
  • Or the tea partier who compared the policies of Mussolini to Barack Obama.
  • Or the Navy vet with the Hitler sign who really just wanted better veterans health benefits . . .FROM THE GOVERNMENT!!
  • Did you know we had a "state run media?" Meet the Limbaugh listener who told us all about it.

All of that footage is sold. A new company will be releasing a brand new film. Maybe they'll use the same footage. Or maybe it will be gone forever.

That's right. Some of this sometimes hilarious, sometimes alarming footage may never be seen again.

As part of our licensing agreement, we cannot compete with the new film. Under special arrangement, we are permitted to liquidate our current inventory. We only have until May 31. After that, the current version -- Mega-Dittos! The Tea Party Cult -- will be history . . .

. . . unless you own a copy.

You can help preserve this piece of political film making history by owning one of these one-of-a-kind DVD's. Just go to the Pay Pal icon on the right, and order one of the LAST REMAINING COPIES of this groundbreaking documentary.

But wait . . . Maybe you're not sure you want to own a piece of political film making history. Maybe you'd like to see what a Hollywood producer saw that he liked. Maybe like so many, your finances are stretched.

No problem! You can also see the online on demand version. It's just $4.99 and viewable right from this site. But you have to hurry. Just like our remaining inventory, you will not be able to see the on demand version after May 31.

As of this moment [April 22, 2013], I have exactly 90 DVD's in inventory. After May 31, I will no longer be able to sell them.

There is exactly one documentary -- ANYWHERE -- that exposes the tea party in all it's reactionary extremism. There is one documentary that shows you how to beat them. But it won't be available for very much longer. For just 19.95, you can own one of the last in existence.

Don't wait til the last minute.


Or see it on demand . . . RIGHT NOW!!